Super Mario

games in flash on,all games are selected from many Super Mario games sites. Play new,old and classic Mario games in flash 2d and 3d.Super Mario Bros was first video game with Mario developed in 1985 by Nintendo R&D4 and published by Nintendo in 1983 like Mario Bros.First time it was released in Japan and then in 1987 in USA, Europe and Australia. In Super Mario Bros, the player controls Mario and in a two-player game, a second player controls Mario's brother Luigi when this one go into Mushroom Kingdom to rescue the Princess Toadstool from the bad guy Bowser who was kidnapped.In 2005 was declared the best selling game by all the times.From then, Nintendo tryied to bring to any consoles Super Mario Bros game and in 2010 was re-packaged an new Mario version as part of an silver aniversary of the game's release.

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