If you are an American, you know how important college football is. It is actually considered the third most popular sport, coming in just behind professional football and major league baseball. It’s also one of the main reasons that many people like to indulge in betting on college football. However, many people are under the impression that betting on college football is illegal in the United States. And, for the most part, if you aren’t doing it right, you’d be right.

However, understanding the laws that surround College Football Betting will ensure that the wagers you place stay on the right side of the law. Online gambling on college football is a great way to enjoy this favored pastime while accessing a much larger pool of gamblers, upping the stakes and potentially landing you much more in winnings for much less risk.

The first thing that most novice bettors need to understand that proper betting on college football can be complex. Understanding what is involved in the key to ensuring that you have the best chance of being successful in your betting activities. You need to understand how to handicap a football game, you need to have a decent sized bankroll to bet with an access to sports books that will accept your bets as an American bettor.

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The sites featured also have robust college football betting platforms that not only allow bettors to place small wagers on individual games, but also provide them the opportunity to engage in season long betting activity and indulge in high stakes betting during college football playoff season.

Each of the college football betting sites offer the following key features:

Accessible customer service designed to make online college football betting easy.

Each site is licensed and regulated in the country they operate in and provide easy access to the information.

They offer different ways to deposit and withdraw money as well as provide the ability to use multiple different currencies.

Each site offers access to large pools of NCAA bettors

And they offer different bonuses and promotions to both new and existing members while offering life betting opportunities that allow bettors to take advantage of the ever changing dynamic of a college football game in action.

College Football Betting is an expert website offering all sorts of information about betting on College football games.