Serena Williams broke record early this year as she won her seventh Australian open. She just did not win it, but in style, without dropping a single set although the tournament.

The most intriguing part of that triumph was her pregnancy while winning the grand slam. In early stages of her pregnancy, 36 year old Serena kept the secret until she won the prestigious event. She went on to give birth to a girl in September.

Going into next year’s tournament, the first grand slam of the year, Williams is set to return to the court, four months after delivering a baby. She can’t stop to beats everyone’s imagination. When the tournament starts in Melbourne, VonBets bonus code 2018 which can be taken good use of.

With 23 grand slams, she’s’s expected to be planning her retirement after all those success but she has found a way to remain top of her game. She has started training for the January event and will want to defend her title.

Serena is arguably the best tennis player of this generation. The American’s target is to be the tennis player with the highest grand slam in history. She’s currently one short of that, behind Australia’s Margaret Court who won 24 grand slams while playing.

Serena way to the top started far back in 1995 when she was just 14. She started showing the stuff of a potential world champion. She rose to the top of WTA ranking for the first time in 2002 and since then remain prominent among tennis players.

Winning her first grand slam in 2002 at France, the French Open, she has gone on to win two more French open, the least of all grand slams she had won. With seven Australian open, seven Wimbledon, and six US open, Serena have been able to stamp an authority in WTA.

Her Gold medal at London 2012 Olympics added to her title collections and have also won three more Gold medals at Olympic in the doubles event, Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008, and London 2012.

Williams relationship with Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian has made us see another part of the superstar’s lifestyle. After announcing their engagement last year’s December, she join the list of elite sport personality that go out with other superstars.

They officially became married last Month, November 16th. The wedding was grace with the presence of superstars like Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Kim Kadershian West.

Going forward, Williams will want to continue playing tennis for at least a year or two more. Her endorsements with the likes of Nike, Delta Airlines, Pepsi and the rest will be a motivating factor.

A face of multiple international brand is always wanted to be kept for as long as possible in the sport. We can’t wait for the start of Australian open come January when the mother of a baby girl returns to the court. It will be a beauty to watch her play again.