Car servicing involves a battery of tests for each external and internal component of a vehicle. The importance of these tests is justified by car manufacturers, yet, a number of Singaporeans do not follow their mechanic’s recommendations. Consequently, this article reveals the reasons why car servicing is beneficial.

Avoid being stuck in traffic.  It is a common sight, a stuck car being pulled out of a busy highway by authorities because it is already causing significant traffic. A number of traffic jams in many areas in Singapore have been caused by the engine failure of many vehicles. In more alarming cases, road accidents happen when the car transmission suddenly malfunctioned during a fast drive, an event that has resulted to the loss of lives of several motorists and bystanders. Both situations could have been prevented if the owners subjected their vehicles to regular car servicing singapore. Such activity could have identified problem areas before the owner was able to go out for his daily driving tasks.

Safety precaution. Adhering to a car servicing guideline is the key to achieving car safety. By monitoring the amount and quality of brake fluids, owners can avoid accidents that happen when the automobile resists to be stopped due to soft pedals. To accomplish this, the owner must exclusively transact with recognized car servicing providers since these establishments are aware of the gold standards in car checking.

Avoid unnecessary costs. A recent poll conducted among expert mechanics showed that vehicle owners have a penchant for partial car servicing procedures. This means that when the owners are given a list, they prefer only a handful of the recommended procedures to be done in their cars. For example, an owner would say that checking of the wheels, belts and water would be sufficient and no need for them to undergo the recommended bimonthly general check up. Or maybe, they would say that they use their car daily so they know that it doesn’t need servicing since it is still functioning. Owners actually provide these reasons because they want to avoid the costs and save money from servicing guidelines. However, the contrary will happen because an engine that is not habitually checked would incur significant damage that would require thousands of dollars for overhaul.

Limit car damage. Engine damage is a sequential event. Many of the problem areas could be identified early in the process and addressed before such features start to create havoc on the surrounding system. Through car diagnostic tools, mechanics can pinpoint specific parts of the engine that are not performing optimally. Such tools will be able to scan the system from a professional’s perspective. Otherwise, the aberrances of the engine would pile up to a point that is beyond repair.

Ensure optimal AC. The air conditioning system of the vehicle is very important especially to temperate countries like Singapore. Although the weather in the city-state is generally acceptable in the opinion of both locals and tourists, a fully functioning air conditioning system would come in handy during humid seasons and long drives. Because of this, owners must subject the AC system of their vehicles to monthly check-up. This way, the mechanics can identify if the AC system is not providing its desired temperature range. Also, calibrating the AC machine is important to ensure that the quality of air that is being released into the car is free from harmful industrial gases.

Increase resale value. Three to five years after the purchase of a brand new car, owners have the option to resell the vehicle to second-hand shops. Doing so will be beneficial both for the first owner and the buyer since the former can use the money to purchase a newer model while the latter can enjoy the experience of purchasing a car at  lower price. Increasing the resale value of the car can be fulfilled if the owner has a list of the fulfilled car servicing sheet for the vehicle model. This paper will serve as a document that will justify the quality of the vehicle which is the basis for its selling price.

The benefits of a car servicing are endless. Owners must simply look beyond the expenses and appreciate the longitudinal advantages that a properly maintained vehicle will provide to them.